For a lot of years, Vimperk had the pleasant smell of printing ink, and during that period, thousand and millions of books spread out all over the world, books by great authors and small writers. Vimperk was the second Czech town after Plzeň, in which books were printed in the 15th century already. In 1484, the Passau printer Johann Alacrano printed three books here – the first Czech printed calendar for the calendar year 1485 was among them.

In the 19th century, Johann Steinbrener (1835-1909) continued this tradition opening his bookbinder workshop in Vimperk after 1855. The prints were sold to big part of Europe, but also oversea. The company development continued even after his founder’s death, and the Vimperk printing works printed over 34 millions of calendars and over 96 millions of prayer books in more than twenty languages before 1930. Besides these types, books for youth and other books were printed as well.

The printing production continued in Vimperk even after the World War II, since the Fifties of last century, the local printing works specialized on book production and it became famous for miniature prints bound in leather – the so called “hummingbirds” and for bibliophile prints, among other things. But after the privatization, the printing works did not last long, and the production was stopped in 2003.

At present, our Volyňka Boarding House is situated in these newly reconstructed premises, and you can also spend a pleasant holiday in it, drifting off under the murmuring of the Volyňka River from Šumava, flowing directly under the windows of the Volyňka Boarding House. Vimperk is called the Gate of the Šumava Mountains.