Price list for accommodation in pension Volyňka in Vimperk

 2012 with breakfast

Prices of accommodation in the guesthouse Volynka

Price of accommodation ranges from 250 for 1 person / night.

2 bed rooms - 860, - CZK

3 bed rooms - 1.050,-CZK

4 bedrooms 1160,-CZK

5 bed rooms - 1.250,-CZK

Children under 3 years FREE!

The fees include city fee

Breakfast - 50 CZK per person

Dinner - 100 CZK per person / soup + main dish

Parking in the area for FREE!

Pet fee - 100 CZK

If you are more than 15 people, you are a company, firm or other association contact us at our email address, and in turn will send you the best price quote.Tato offer you nothing but to oblige!

Specials-pension Volynka invites you to massage whirlpool, where you can relax in, private access only for the guest, or group.

Prices: Adult min/100-60,-CZK., Děti3-60-12 years min/80.-kč., Only children accompanied by parents!

Reduced price for - 1-4 PERSON: 60 min/330.-kč.,

Reduced price for families: 60 minut/300.-kč., Towels, hairdryer ... zdarma.V the room is also opted instead for refreshments.
Your order you can call the phone number :728666609-we look forward to SEEING YOU!

Specials: Pension Volynka RENTAL OFFERS MOUNTAIN BIKES: 200.-KČ., person / day.